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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Support for Astrology from the Carlson Double-blind Experiment. Kenneth McRitchie. Support for Astrology from the Carlson Double-blind Experiment Ken McRitchie This article has been peer reviewed by subject matter experts refereed through the publisher. These flaws include: no disclosure of In concept and design, the Carlson experiment was not similar scientific studies, unfairly skewed design, original.

It was modeled after the landmark double-blind disregard for its own stated criteria of evaluation, matching test of astrology by Vernon Clark Clark, In irrelevant groupings of data, rejection of that test astrologers were asked to distinguish between each unexpected results, and an illogical conclusion of ten pairs of natal charts. One chart of each pair belonged based on the null hypothesis.

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Yet, when the stated to a subject with cerebral palsy and the other belonged to a measurement criteria are applied and the data is subject with high intelligence. In that test, participating. These extraordinary results give further volunteers were asked to select their own personality testimony to the power of data ranking and rating interpretations, both long and short versions in separate tests, methods, which have been successfully used in out of three that were presented.

Carlson neglected to provide any review of these scientific studies that supported astrology or any other previous related experiments. This support lends further questionnaire items. Additionally, Carlson would credence to the effectiveness of ranking and rating methods, determine whether participating volunteers undergraduate which have been used in other, lesser known astrological and graduate students, and others could match astrological experiments.

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As with any controversial study, all 9. He describes in detail who is an expert in statistical methods and is known for his the precautions used to screen volunteers against negative criticism of research on both sides of the astrological divide.

The ensuing body of discourse, we can appreciate that the design astrologers performed two tests, a CPI ranking test and a of the experiment was intentionally skewed in favor of the CPI rating test. There were 28 different profiles for men and women. Eysenck, 8; participating astrologers who matched natal charts with Hamilton, No reasons are given for In the social sciences, the conventional Carlson directs our attention to the rate for the third place threshold of significance is 1. Thus he declares that the combined first two choices were not chosen at a significant frequency.

This conclusion, however, result for the control group, which was able to choose the ignores the stated success criteria and is in fact untrue. The correct chart at a very high frequency. He calculates this to calculation for significance shows that the combined first be at 2. It is reasonable to think that the astrologers could test. He shows a weighted histogram and a best linear fit write good quality chart interpretations after having graph to illustrate each of these three groups of ratings.

The slope is actually slightly downward. They were asked to rate, on before the three-choice ranking test Ertel, These a scale of 1 to 10, the accuracy of each subsection of the point ratings should not be grouped as though they were natal chart interpretations written by the astrologers. This test would potentially have high rating test, presented later. When the totals of the ratings are interest to astrologers because of the distinction it made considered without reference to the choices made in the between personality and current situation, which is a subsequent test, a positive slope is seen, which shows that distinction that is not typically covered in personality tests.

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As an additional test in this part of the experiment, the student volunteers were asked to choose from among three CPI For the results of this test, Carlson shows a comparison of profiles the one that was based on the results of their the frequencies of the correct chart as first, second, and third completed CPI questionnaire. The other two profiles offered choices for the test group and the control group again were taken from other student volunteers and randomly ignoring his stated protocol to combine the frequencies of added.

Of the 83 volunteers who completed the natal chart the first two choices. He finds that the results for the test interpretation choices, only 56 completed this task. Each falls short of the Carlson study. The McGrew and McFall experiment was intended There are plausible reasons that could explain why the test to include personal information of the sort typically used by group was unable to correctly select their own CPI profiles, astrologers but not found in standard personality profiles.

The disappointing number of students who completed professional accreditation, participated. Each astrologer was this task, despite having endured the question CPI asked to match the birth charts of 23 volunteers to an questionnaire, suggests that the students might have been extremely broad range of information gathered for each much less motivated than the astrologers, for whom the stakes volunteer.

This information included photo portraits, results were higher Ertel, The CPI matching tasks, for from two standardized psychology tests, and written both the volunteers and the astrologers, were especially descriptions of personality and life events generated by 61 challenging because of the three-choice format.

The random questions that were developed from input that the authors selections of CPIs made within the narrow demographics of gleaned from the astrologers.

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The authors recruited volunteers who ranged from only 30 to 31 years of age. However, this conclusion defies rationality. Ertel difficulty of the matching task. The Carlson study is regarded points out the logical flaw that such a conclusion cannot be as unnecessarily complex because the astrologers were asked drawn even if the tests had shown an insignificant result. Although astrology has been dimly veiled by its occult mystique for centuries, the light of modern day inquiry has shown its substance to be mostly illusionary and revealed its foundation to be the shakiest possible: that of self-justification and anecdotal evidence.

Despite the many claims of its practitioners and followers, extensive investigation has revealed astrology to be a great teetering monument to human gullibility. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide.


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Authors Authors and affiliations S. Multi-author Review Investigating the Paranormal.


This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Bennett, J. Google Scholar. Carlson, S. Nature — Clark, V. Aquarian Agent 1 22— Culver, R. Prometheus Books, Buffalo, N.

A double-blind test of astrology

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