February 2 tarot

Tarot for February 2020: The Temperance card

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    Save Episode. Discover more stories like this. Like Stitcher On Facebook. The card bearing that name will be the conductor of the Tarot for February — but not necessarily under the same meaning.

    The Temperance card of the Tarot for February is the mystery of exchange, the serene flow of life. Things are flowing normally and quietly towards improvement.


    Tarot Meetup — Amy Cathryn

    The internal energies by the flow of the fluids must resume their course, everything must be rebalanced. It is the mystery of harmony, cooperation, sociability. She always announces good surprises. The significance of this card in the Marseille tarot is positive.

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    You alone are in control of your destiny, you will be in charge, and succeed in what you are doing. In terms of health there are also important changes, both in the trends of the month and in our own behavior itself.

    Tarot for February 12222: interpretation of the Temperance card

    This is a really beneficial card to health as a whole, which will indicate that we are likely to have a healthy life — or at least have a good chance of healing if we are sick. On the other hand, this card also serves as a kind of warning or recommendation. It is important that you really want to take care of your health. One must learn to be seasoned more extensively and effectively in life.

    Beans in the Belfry | Personal Tarot Card reading – connect with your Higher Self

    The Tarot Temperance card can also talk about long-term projects and the fact that you have acquired the clarity of what is important to you. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this card is that you understand that every step of your life is there to allow you to learn and take advantage immediately of what you are learning. Speaks of serenity and calm and accomplished reflection.

    It can also speak of adaptation, sociability, communication. All this is to find the balance necessary for your well — being.

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    • It will then move towards a quiet evolution and assimilate progress in calm. Temperance is also a card of protection and appeasement. The image that represents Temperance on its card is that of an angel, a spiritual entity that is halfway between God and men.