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Tonight: Play it mellow. You could be off considering a new venture.


Be careful before committing to certain financial obligations. You know your limits, so honor them. A risk might feel good, but consider whether you can handle it if it doesn't pan out. Tonight: All friendly, out being social and enjoying yourself. You could discover that you do not want to follow through with your plans. Give yourself the luxury of not acting like a Virgo, but like some other carefree and sometimes flaky sign.

Change your plans. Make yourself happy.

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Tonight: Partying the night away. Mellow out during the daylight hours. Do not stress yourself out or do anything taxing. Confirm plans for the evening, and if you do not have any, make some. Tonight: Could be a memorable night. Make the most out of the day. You will delight in being with friends and around crowds. You sense a mood of celebration that becomes contagious. Touch base with a summer friend. Tonight: If you can, continue into the wee hours. You might have invited some friends to celebrate Labor Day with you.

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You seem to be busy, perhaps hosting a memorable get-together. In any case, you seem to be able to extract all the fun associated with this weekend. Tonight: Just don't be alone. Your ability to move into different situations can be stilted at times.

You could finally feel at ease with someone who lives a very different lifestyle. Tonight: A force to behold. Others make the first move. You could be delighted. Do not play games, but rather be direct and positive. Spend the afternoon with a loved one or a dear friend.

Tonight: Take off for a concert or movie. Insist upon being entertained. You do not need to make excuses for being as frivolous as you might want to be. Just go off and be you.

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Notice how many people seek you out. With as many invitations as you have, choose the ones you like the most. Tonight: Let the good times roll with one special person. You do not have permission to post comments.

Please contact customersupport torstar. Register Login. Such fascination now pervades interior design and retail trends. Selfridges initiated a shopping-by-star-sign service and has an inhouse Astrolounge , which complemented their zodiac Christmas windows last year apparently only a handful of pernickety Virgos complained about their representation. For fashion, like showbusiness, is big on superstition. Christian Dior was highly superstitious — having his cards read before each show, and having talismans such as the number 8, clovers and hearts.


Keira Knightley wore the dreamiest Valentino gown to The Evening Standard Theatre Awards

Coco Chanel meanwhile famously took the belief in signs and symbols to an obsessive level — the shooting star or comet, the Maltese cross, the wheatsheaf and the camellia were all motifs with which she surrounded herself. In her biography, Shocking Life, she recounts how her uncle told her the beauty marks on her cheek were arranged like stars in the Ursa Major constellation.

Perhaps we should not be surprised the fashion world is so heavily involved with all things astro. For one, they are both cyclical and seasonal and they both predict trends. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.

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The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own. In the s, the books were frequent bathroom reading material. The former topped The New York Times bestseller list in , bringing astrology in from the cold. Shelley von Strunckel : The first astrologist to have a column in a broadsheet newspaper, Strunckel was hired by Andrew Neil in to write for The Sunday Times and her horoscopes also appear in the Evening Standard.

She lives in a spacious loft apartment in London with room to entertain 80, by the way.

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Many editors tried to lure him away from this lucrative contract — temporarily to the Daily Mirror and Daily Express , before he returned to the Mail.