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Because he was born close to midnight, some sources list Nelson's birth date as April Nelson was raised by his grandparents, Alfred and Nancy Nelson, who both studied music courses through the mail from the Chicago Music Institute. Because he was so nervous about reciting the poem, Nelson picked his nose until it bled, earning him the nickname "Booger Red.

In addition to a stint in the Air Force, Nelson has worked as a cotton picker, saddle maker, disc jockey and Bible, vacuum cleaner and encyclopedia salesman. Nelson was signed to Pamper Music as a songwriter. Nelson's first album was titled And Then I Wrote.

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The kids learn so much and have such a great time. It's amazing to see how much they grow each session. Only downside--you may have the songs stuck in your head for weeks to follow:.

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She is 18 months old and in her 1st full session. It will not be our last!

Every Number 1 single in Official Charts history.

We play the cd continuously at home so we can all enjoy the fun. She enjoys class time interaction with the neighborhood children. I love that hidden in all of this fun is a way to encourage a lifelong love of music and to support her development. My son is about to turn 3 next month and is currently enrolled in his 8th consecutive Music Class session.

Both he and I have an absolute blast during class! Our teacher makes classes so much fun - her enthusiasm is totally infectious. It's a fun time and, speaking as a first-time mother, it offers the most incredible bonding opportunity for parents with their children. Fun for mums, dads, children - all families!

My daughter is very outgoing and music class has been a wonderful outlet for her creativity to flow. She is definitely singing and dancing more and can't wait to go to class each week! Summy Company, a Chicago sheet-music retailer that had published the song. Hill, two kindergarten and Sunday school techers in Louisville, Ky.

The song's lyrics were written at a later date and the song was not copyrighted until Under Federal law, the copyright will expire in and Warner will no longer be entitled to royalties. Birchtree also owns the Suzuki Methods, an instrumental instruction method for violin, cell and viola, and the Francis Clark library for piano students.

A Warner executive said his company had decided to buy Birchtree to to get the royalties from its songs.

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He said Warner, which has a large operation to protect copyrights, would be able to reduce the administrative costs of protecting ''Happy Birthday'' and other Birchtree songs.